Ifáyemí Elébuìbon, Araba of Òsogbo, Òsun State, Nigeria

Returning to the USA, March 11- May 19

Spring 2019 Visiting Cities

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During his upcoming trip, Baba Araba will visit the following cities.  Please use the local contact to book time for divination, readings, lectures and appearances.   

New York, NY

March 11-23

Chief Sekou Alaje


Oakland, CA 

March 24 - 30 

Ifadunke Olayemi 


Los Angeles, CA

March 31- April 4

Ifakemi Myla Jacques


Miami, FL

April 4-8

Iya Ifawuyi Esuloju Eyioriwaase


Greensboro, NC

April 9- 18

Chief Obakunle Akinlana


New Orleans, LA

April 19-26

Naima Osunbunmi Zulu


Houston, TX

April 27 – May 3

Iya Ogunkemi Adesanya Babalola 


New York, NY

May 7th at 7PM

National Black Theatre


Atlanta, GA

May 8-19

Chief Ajirikin (“Baba Rahshan”)


For press inquiries or to arrange a consultation or service outside of a local host city,  please contact Iya Ifadunke,510-682-3333 or via email at Ifadunke@aol.com.

About Baba Araba

Araba Ifáyemí Elébuìbon was born in Òsogbo, Òsun State, Nigeria and comes from a family acclaimed to be one of the foremost authorities on the Yòrùbá traditional cultural and spiritual institution.  As Araba of Òsogbo, he is the head of all Babaláwos. Ifáyemí’s accomplishments include presentations of his films on Nigerian television, publications of numerous books, CDs and DVDs. He has received awards in Nigeria and the United States for his invaluable contributions to the renaissance of traditional scholarship.

Ancient Philosophy International was established by Araba Ifáyemí Elébuìbon in Òṣogbo, Òṣun State, Nigeria in 1980. It is a center dedicated to producing, disseminating and teaching Yòrùbá culture through drama, books and presentations on radio and television. Under the leadership of Chief Priest Ifáyemí, Ancient Philosophy International’s weekly drama series ‘Ifá Olokun Asorodayo’ and ‘Ipileaye: Creation of Earth’ aired on Nigerian Television Authority in the 1980s. ‘Adayeba’ is presently on OSBC television network in Nigeria. As a recording artist, Yemí has several credits on Yòrùbá poetic genre known as ‘Ewi’.